Custom Orders

OEM producs

We are your one-stop centre with services from designes to manufacturing.
One of our business' main focuses in customization.
Most of the products we have produced are made to be located in different ways. We have worked with well-known artists and designers to produce high quality products and art from limited-edition items to big architecture projects.
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Monuments, Statues, and Installations
Using a variety of skills and network of metal art industry in Takaoka-shi, we have successfully designed, customised and manufactured artistic facades and sculptures (monuments, symbols,  and statues) of different sizes and materials.
Let us know if you have any questions or would like to talk about your project.
We often collaborate with other people and always welcome new connections.
If you are interested in talking about your idea or project, we are all ears.


Personalised Gifts

For something unique, add a name, a message, a date or image to create a personalised gift. Most of our items are suitable for engraving. Adding a personal message or sentiment creates a unique gift for any occasion.
From more information on design and pricing details, please feel free to ask us.
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Awards & Business Gifts

When giving a unique gift, marking a special event or presenting an award, just select our items. Our extensive products can be indivisually personalized with names, initials, images, and/or texts, along with a corporate logo.
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