NAGAE Global

NAGAE VIETNAM Ltd. is a Japanese aluminium foundry in Viet Nam.
We help your ASEAN business with our in-house total manufacturing system handling from die-casting, machining, and painting to assembling.
Our casting products stand out from the rest because we already have over 60 years of industry experience in Japan, and our operations are supported by a global network of strategic contacts.

Company Profile




26th March, 2013


Lot J-10, Long Duc Industrial Park, Long Duc Ward,
Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam


JPY 350,000,000 (VND 70 billions)


Toshiaki Kaizu (President)


90 (inc. 3 Japanese)

Business Description:

Die-casting (aluminium), processing,painting, assembly

Main products:

industrial products, building materials, medical equipment

Land space:


Building space:


Head Office:

NAGAE Ltd. (in Japan)

From HCM city:

- 40 km to the east
- 50 minutes by car

From port:

- 30km away from the Cat Lai Port

What can we do for you in Vietnam and Japan?

1. Knowledge of your business
development team with extensive metalwork expertise
– proprietary technology that proves understanding of your operations

2. Adequate investment
– staff: certified and reliable staff
– machines: cutting-edge machines imported from Japan

3. Ability to fully support you need
– quick response
– accurately assess to the situation

Our many decades of experience in the die-casting industry in Japan enables us to provide first class products in Vietnam, and furthermore worldwide.

Total Manufacturing System

Total Manufacturing System
In Japan and Vietnam
Our knowledge and techniques turn your ideas/images into products.
In Vietnam
We handle from die-casting, machining, and painting to assembling in our factory.

In-house Manufacturing Processes

Our flexible manufacturing system creates the optimal lines for your products.

Die-casting Process

We operate Japan's latest high-speed die casting machines (from 125 tonnes to 350 tonnes) to manufacture high precision products made of aluminium.

- Material type that we can do casting: Aluminium (ADC12)

Machining Process

The process is operated by high accuracy machining centres. Our high-skilled engineers who were trained in Japan ensure the accuracy of machining quality.

Buffing Process

Buffing is the process for smoothing the surface of your products.The process uses wheels and compounds to polish. Our experienced team analyses and chooses a suitable application for your products.
Automatic polishing machines are also used.

Painting Process

Total automatic painting system from diping in primer to baking finish.
You can be assured that the quality is as good as that in Japan.

– Coating type that we can do: liquid coating system

Assembling Process

To meet a wide variety of customers’ demands, we apply 'cellular manufacturing system' to assemble finished products. The system reduces lead times, resulting in the ability for us to manufacture high quality products at a low cost, on time, and in a flexible way.

Processes photo1Processes photo2Processes photo3

List of Facilities




Die-casting Machines 125t machine
(Toyo Machinery & Metal)
250t machine
(Toyo Machinery & Metal)
350t machine
(Toyo Machinery & Metal)
Die-casting Machine Periphery Shot blasting machine 2
Machining Tools Machining centre (FANUC) 5
Buffing machine 6
Automatic polishing machine 1
Measuring Instruments 3D measuring machine 1
Emission spectrometer 1
Painting Line Painting with baking system 1