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NEW: “Twelve Lucky Animals” collection

NAGAE Ltd. launches a new collection "Twelve Lucky Animals".

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New: Aluminium Vase – Ichimatsu

NAGAE Ltd. added a new lovely vase into its aluminium vase collection.

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NEW: A set of Metal holders for anti-droplet shields

NAGAE Ltd. launched a new product to maintain social distancing.

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New Product: Tin Beer Tumbler – Awakumo

Our latest tin beer tumbler “Awakumo” is to be launched on 28th June, 2018.

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collinette on telly

A Japanese morning information and news programme “Asa Chan!” introduced our aluminium massage tool "collinette" this morning.

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NB: We are afraid this item is currently sold out in our web shop, thanks to your orders. We will inform you when we get them in stock again. 


2015 Kabuto

We added four kabuto to our "desktop samurai helmets collection" - the replica kabuto helmets of Naoe Kanetsugu, Takeda Shingen, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Uesugi Kenshin.  

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collinette in anan

Great News!! collinette, aluminium massager, is featured in the latest issue of anan "What's good for your body" section. Check it out!

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Aluminium Vase Collection – shizuka Mt Fuji

10733969_733225523420520_5392158177296569409_n  Our latest product 'Aluminium Vase Collection – Shizuka Mt Fuji' went on the market. This is one of our popular 'Aluminium vase collection Shizuka' series. The concept of this product is to create the inverted image of Mt Fuji, which has been admired by Japanese, in your room.  Available at our online shop or other shops. 
About 'Aluminium Vase Collection – shizuka':
This small metallic vase creates a miniature Japanese zen garden in your room.
You can place anywhere and don't have to prepare for a bunch of flowers. With a flower or more, you can make a peaceful and quiet atmosphere easily. Putting a small stone or floating flower petals on the vase, you can also enjoy arranging your small garden as you wish.
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