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Upcoming Event: “Innovation Meets Tradition” show

We have a pop-up shop at TOKYU HANDS in Gingza from 12th to 31st May.
You will find our two items lines; modern home accessories (naft) and traditional products (ginga-do).
When you visit Ginza, please drop by our pop-up shop.
When: 12th to 31st May, 2015
Where: ‘Hands Inspiration’ 7th Floor, TOKYU HANDS in Ginza, Tokyo 
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Upcoming Event: The Best of Toyama

We are going to join an exhibition featuring “Toyama products” in NY this month (Read on our blog in detail).
We are looking forward to knowing what the response will be in NYC.
If you have time or happen to visit NYC at that time, feel free to drop by the show.
Event: The Best of Toyama: Kōgei Art and Design from Japan
When: 14th to 20th May, 2015
Where: Onishi Gallery, 521 W. 26th Street, New York City